Below are pictures of some billboards we recently had made (actual pictures of the billboards coming soon).  These were made to let people know that salvation and hope are available to all who will accept them through the person of Jesus Christ.

The message we want to share is that salvation is a gift that He offers to everyone, and the time for salvation is now.  Salvation is a gift because it costs us nothing to obtain.

Because salvation is a gift God paid for through His only begotten Son's death and resurrection, salvation is not hard or difficult to obtain, but it is as simple as ABC.

We want people to know that no matter what is in their past, or in their present, Jesus loves them and offers them salvation, hope, and eternal life, things that the world cannot change or dictate.

Many people are experiencing hopelessness for a variety of reasons in the days we are living, but Jesus offers us a hope that is sure and steadfast.  Those who embrace this hope that is only found in and through Jesus, there is another hope that is given them that the Bible refers to as the Blessed Hope.

Your prayers to make these a success in reaching others is greatly appreciated! If you would also like to financially help us to continue using billboards to reach out to others, please hit the "Donate" button on the bottom of this page or the "Donate" tab in the top menu and indicate your gift specifically for the billboards.

Thank you,

Blessed Hope Fellowship

Simple as ABC
God Gives Hope
Jesus Loves You